Keinform+TM Customer Information System

Keinform+TM is our proven, real time and enhanced centrally controlled information system that dramatically enhances the customer experience.


Keinform+™ is an integrated visual and public-address Customer Information System for Train Operating Companies that is fully Darwin-enabled. Designed in Great Britain, the system can be interfaced into new or existing station hardware to provide an enriching customer experience.


Drives positive customer experience

Darwin real-time integration

Can be integrated with new or existing hardware

A tailored central control room system

Fully scalable, resilient, future proofed and modular system

Designed in Great Britain

Multiple data sources providing enriched information

Manual mode facility allowing operator input at times of disruption

Low bandwidth, Internet of Things connectivity ensures information updates within seconds

Utilises multiple data sources to provide resilient service

Seamlessly interfaces with other KeTech Systems

Automatic mode supplying dynamic journey information without operator intervention

Content rich, clear, consistent and 100% reliable, trusted and relevant information

An intuitive user interface with operator tools always available within one mouse click

KeTech has over 15 years’ experience developing systems for the UK Rail Industry

Unrivalled in-house software engineering capability, with local service ability and expert project management


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