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KeTech has offices in Nottingham and Preston.


Glaisdale Drive East

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Tel: +44 (0)3300 578450


Units 1-2
Eastway Business Village
Olivers Place
Preston PR2 9WT

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Tel: +44 (0)3300 578450

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  • Nottingham| +44 (0)115 900 5600
  • Preston| +44 (0)1772 706 330
  • London| +44 (0)207 251 6499


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Case Studies

Completion of Northern Rail KeAddress+

Design, supply and install the KeAddress Public Address System in the Northern Rail York Control Room, replacing the old legacy system with the new KeTech KeAddress+ server and workstations. More »

Northern Line Mid Life Upgrade

Design, manufacture, test and supply 106 train sets of equipment, to update the legacy Northern Line Passenger Information System as part of its Mid Life Upgrade. More »

KeScope supplied to South Korea and Malaysia special forces, Spain and TFL

The KeScope is a handheld, lightweight covert thermal imaging camera. It is designed to be instinctive and easy to use, it is has a long battery operating life and is designed for high stress operations. More »

Supply of KeScan1516 to Europe

The KeScan1516 is a Liquid Aerosol and Gel Scanner, which is used in airports for the detection of aircraft threats as defined by the European Aviation Committee. More »

UK MOD – KeDetect CW RVD (Residual Vapour Detector)

To produce an updated product to comply with current UK MOD requirements and Standards, including the redesign of the packaging, camouflage material and instruction set. More »

KeTech Helps Keep Snow and Ice at Bay

KeTech has provided the brains of the new Seasonal Treatment Trains that are helping keep the UK rail network moving despite the current winter weather. More »

KeTech Awarded More Integrated Communications Projects

KeTech has won three new exciting Integrated Communications projects at Tonbridge in Kent, Wolverton in Milton Keynes, and at four stations in the North West for Northern Rail. More »

KeTech Helps Solve Aviation Security Issues

KeTech has announced two contracts to supply major European airports with dozens of scanning systems to allow them to comply with aviation security regulations regarding the permitted carrying of certain Liquids, Aerosols and Gels. More »

Victoria Line - Platform-to-Train

With an ever increasing emphasis on safety, London Underground required a method of safe departure for One Person Operation trains from the thirty three Victoria Line platforms. Because of our extensive experience of both Platform-to-Train systems and the London Underground environment, KeTech was chosen to design a system for this prestigious VLU project. More »

British Transport Police - LLCCTV Control System

With public security and safety being of the utmost importance Transport for London (TfL), have invested heavily in CCTV systems in recent years, Because of our extensive experience in camera telemetry, protocol conversion and software development, KeTech was chosen to design and install a replacement More »

Tagmaster Partnership

KeTech is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with TagMaster for the provision of RFID equipment into the rail and transportation markets. KeTech and TagMaster have worked together since 2008 and have provided a range of RFID solutions More »

LAG Screening – Application Note

Liquid Screening with 2 Complementary Type B Systems: Combined False Alarm Rate <1% Screening for liquid explosives at airports may be achieved with combinations of More »

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